Current Members

Principal Investigator

Karin Ruhlandt portraitKarin Ruhlandt
phone: 315-443-1306
fax: 315-443-4070
Office: CST 3-014C
Distinguished Professor
Dean of College of Arts and Sciences

•  Vordiplom, 1986, Philipps-Universität-Marburg, Germany
•  Dr. rer. nat., 1991, Philipps-Universität-Marburg, Germany
•  Postdoctoral Fellow, 1990-1991, University of California, Davis
Honors & Awards:
•  Fulbright Fellowship, 2013
•  Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence, 2012
•  NSF Career Award, 1997
•  Karcher Lectureship, University of Oklahoma
•  Visiting Professor, Monash University, Australia, 2003
•  Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2003
•  CHE 109/119: General Chemistry, Honors & Majors
•  CHE 129/139: General Chemistry Laboratory, Honors & Majors
•  CHE 411/611: Inorganic Chemistry
•  CHE 422/622: Inorganic Laboratory Techniques
•  CHE 600: Inorganic Chemistry of Main Group Elements


Res. Asst. Prof.

Miriam GillettKunath portrait

Miriam M. Gillett-Kunnath

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN)
Ph. D. in Chemistry, Syracuse University
B.S. in Chemistry, Le Moyne College (Syracuse, NY)


Damian Allis portraitDamian G Allis (Computational/Theoretical Chemistry)

Ph. D. in Chemistry, Syracuse University
B.S. in Chemistry, Syracuse University

Graduate Students

Catherine Lavin portraitCatherine Lavin

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)

Secondary non-covalent interactions in heavy alkaline earth metal tetraarylborates


Val Lopez portraitValerie Lopez

M.S. in Chemistry, Syracuse University
B.S. in Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras, PR)
NSF-IGERT Fellow 2014-2016

Synthesis and structural studies of calcium phosphonate complexes


Cody Webb portraitCody Webb Jr.

B.S. in Chemistry, Le Moyne College (Syracuse, NY)
A.S. in Math & Science, Onondaga Community College (Syracuse, NY)

Mechanism of formation for metal-organic frameworks

Perfluoro- tert-butoxide heterobimetalic alkaline earth bismuthate complexes

Undergraduate Students

Josh Woods portraitJosh Woods

Syracuse University ’16, Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry
S-block heterobimetallic pyrazolates



Brian Wilson portraitBrian Wilson

Le Moyne College ’17, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
Alkaline earth MOCVD precursors


High School Students

Kim La portraitKim La

Institue of Technology at Syracuse Central  ’16
Alkaline earth MOFs and MOCVD precursors