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Past Group Members

Alan Goos portraitAlan Goos
Currently: University of Texas at El Paso
Graduate Student
Alkaline Earth Azo Complexes
Perfluoro- tert-butoxide heterobimetalic alkaline earth bismuthate complexes


Emily Carpenter portraitEmily Carpenter
Graduate Student
M.S in Chemistry, Syracuse University



William Maudez portraitWilliam Maudez
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ph.D., University of Basel, Switzerland, 2006
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007, IRCELYON, France
Kinetics of the Redox Transmetallation Ligand Exchange (RTLE) Reaction with Di and Triphenylmethanides Ligands

Peter Rosado
Currently: Zotos International and St. John Fishers College
Graduate Student
Coordination polymers of the alkaline earth metals for applications in synthesis and gas storage

Yuriko Takahashi
Currently: Unifrax I LLC
Graduate Student
Metal based synthetic strategies and the examination of structure
determining factors in alkaline earth metal compounds

Andrew Schuchart
Graduate Student

Ana Torvisco portraitAna Torvisco
Currently: Tu Graz, Austria
Graduate Student
Structural Studies of Novel Alkaline Earth Metal Primary/Secondary Amides
Evaluation of Structure Determining Factors in Alkali Metal Chemistry

Abhilasha Verma portraitAbhilasha Verma
Currently: Integrity Nutraceuticals
Graduate Student
Towards the synthesis of heavy alkaline earth pentafluorophenyl complexes
Effects of solvation vs. ligation in heavy alkaline earth metal tetraphenylborate

William Buchanan portraitWilliam Buchanan
Graduate Student
Rare Structural Motifs Based on Triangular Alkaline Earth Metal Cores
Volatile Perfluoro-t-butoxide Monometallic Alkaline Earth and Lanthanoid Complexes

Victoria Bampoh portraitVictoria Bampoh
Currently: University of Minnesota, Rochester
Graduate Student
Preparation and Characterization of Calcium Phosphonates by Hydrothermal and Solvothermal Synthesis


Daniel Weismann portraitDaniel Weismann
Graduate Student – TU Kaiserslautern
Kinetics of the Redox Transmetallation Ligand Exchange (RTLE) Reaction with Substituted Cyclopentadiene Ligands


Peng Wu portraitPeng Wu
Graduate Student – TU Clausthal
Optimization of Redox Transmetallation/Ligand Exchange for the Synthesis of Commercially Viable Alkaline Earth Metal Species


Michael G. Bagnall portraitMichael G. Bagnall
Undergraduate Student – Honors Thesis
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Lightweight Metal-Organic Framework Materials for Efficient Hydrogen Storage and Release
Synthesis of second generation heavy alkaline earth metal pyrazolates as potential MO-CVD precursors.

Elizabeth Nagle portraitElizabeth Nagle
Undergraduate Student – Honors Thesis
Heavy Alkali/Alkaline Earth Monometallic and Heterobimetallic Complexes


Andrew Powers portraitAndrew Powers
Undergraduate Student
Kinetics of the Redox Transmetallation Ligand Exchange (RTLE) Reaction with Phenol ligands


Sukeerit Kesar portraitSukeerit Kesar
Undergraduate Student – Honors Thesis
Heavy Alkaline Earth Metal Amides